About Us

Global Peace Services USA (GPS) is a movement to promote education, skills training and awareness in support of a professional peace service and within the service professions, based on a philosophy of active nonviolence.

Why GPS?

Many people, especially the young, are seeking to serve others and protect values dear to them. They want security; they want to serve genuine human needs; they want to help build community locally and internationally; they want to work in ways that are ecologically responsible. They want professional training for such service.

We aim to find ways to educate and train people for practical peace service at home and abroad.

We believe that many others want to support those willing to train for an extended period of peace service. GPS can link all those who share these goals.

We applaud the many initiatives at the local level in the United States and internationally which embody the spirit of GPS. Building on links in the United States, Burundi, Croatia and Sweden, we seek to forge other links with persons and groups of like vision. We want to learn from each other, developing better methods for training those willing to serve, regardless of their age, race, educational status or economic situation.

GPS is an idea whose time has come.

Our Vision

Together with others in a growing national and international network, we want to hasten the day when many women and men will earn their living in peace services. Some may serve for several years; others may have a full career of professional service. They will be equipped to:

  • Manage, resolve and transform conflicts
  • Provide preventive measures against eruption of violence
  • Help rebuild and sustain communities suffering from violence
  • Protect the environment and help reclaim damaged ecosystems.

GPS has several pilot projects underway and invites all those with an interest in peace service for a better world to join with us in making a difference.

Our Principles

GPS adheres to the following principles:

  • Active nonviolence is the foundation of peace service
  • Nonviolent alternatives to war and violence draw inspiration and strength from spiritual sources 
  • Women and men who dedicate themselves to peace service need education and training as thorough as that required for other service professions
  • Peace service professionals, full-time or part-time, will serve both at home and worldwide according to need and training
  • Thousands of people must be willing to step forward in support of every individual who will be professionally trained for peace service
  • Promote widespread public awareness and appreciation of the power of nonviolent approaches to the resolution of violent conflict

Board of Directors

  • President – John Eriksson, Silver Spring, MD
  • Vice President – Mindy C. Reiser, Washington, DC
  • Anna Amato, Washington, DC
  • Aline Dukuze, Washington, DC
  • Robert Muscat, Haymarket, VA
  • Ronald Ridker, Washington, DC