Promoting Global Peace Through Understanding and Service

About Us

Global Peace Services USA (GPS) is a movement to promote education, skills training and awareness in support of a professional peace service and within the service professions, based on a philosophy of active nonviolence.

GPS has been developing innovative pilot education and training projects in peacebuilding and developing a broad-based membership.


Members are invited to meetings, receive our newsletter, and support GPS financially. Their ideas for the development of the movement are encouraged and welcomed.

Members are encouraged to work together on specific projects and areas of interest, such as organizing local GPS meetings and developing, testing, and promoting peace service curricula.

Events & Publications

June 2023 - Vol. 24, No. 1

“Putin Attacks Ukraine’s Culture” by Robert J. Muscat

“Indigenous Residential Schools in Canada and the United States: Uncovering the Truth and Pursuing Healing and Reconciliation” by John R. Eriksson

November 2022 - Vol. 23, No. 2

​”GPS Forum on Diversity of State Energy Policies in the US; a Report with Comments” by Ronald Ridker

“Official Apology: Cementing Peace, Disavowing Injustice” by Robert Muscat

“Universal Peace: Progress and Retrogression” by Robert Muscat

May 2022 - Vol. 23, No. 1

“Multicultural Peaceful Societies” by Robert J. Muscat

“Pursuing Peace Across the Centuries: Teachings from the Jewish Tradition” by Mindy Reiser

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